Linux Server + Cloud Computing

Linux Server + Cloud Computing

Linux is UNIX based operating system created by Linus Torvalds,It's a free and open source.Any one can download and modify its code.As a server Linux is Preferred over the windows operating system because of following reasons
1. Linux is free. Not just free as in beer, but free as in speech. This meant that you could install Linux on any machine and not have to worry about paying for it or obtaining licences.

Why Livewire

  • Get yourself trained on Physical linux server as well as AWS Cloud servers.
  • Practical Oriented training.
  • Industry standard courseware given to students
  • Internationally recognized course completion certificate
  • Skill Based certificate demonstrates authenticity of training.
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Certified institute
  • Association Partners- NSDC, NIELIT, STED Council, Nasscom, Oracle



  • Linux Administrator:
  • Introduction
  • OS installation and Basic Commands
  • User & Group management
  • File permissions & ACL
  • Package & Disk Management
  • Networking & Remote installation
  • Kernel Virtualization
  • Linux process & controlling services
  • SELinux and Firewalld
  • Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • Web Service(HTTP) & Mail Service(SMTP)
  • Network Storage(NFS & smb)
  • MariaDB Databases
  • Linux Bash Scripting
  • Cloud Computing:
  • Introduction to Cloud
  • Amazon EC2 and EBS
  • Amazon S3, RRS
  • Auto Scaling and load distribution in AWS
  • Route53
  • AWS Services and resources life cycle
  • AWS Architecture and Design
  • Cloud Migration and Implementation


Value for money course. Infrastructure was very good in explaining all the AWS services and also compared with industry standard cloud services
-- Rajesh

Very good place, get your technical skills polished here.
-- Suresh Bhati

Professor knowledge was excellent and so his teaching skills, staff members are supportive and co-operative. Overall experience was awesome
-- Arsalan Khan

I would highly recommend students to pursue the respective courses for gaining practical knowledge of the subjects they are studying.The course ware is well designed and flexible.

My one-on-one experience was good. I could get my doubts cleared immediately. In my view, overall, the classes are surely recommendable.

Loved my experience as a student here. The timings of the lecture can be set as per your convenience, the lecture dates can be set as per your convenience, the teachers are friendly and keep a check on you even on non lecture days. Overall it was an amazing experience and I would definitely come back to his institute for further courses.
-- Kunal Kukreja


Q: I am fresher, should I do Linux course ?

A: Yes, Many orgnnization prefers fresher with appropriate knowledge in servers.

Q: Why Cloud Computing is added in Linux training ?

A: When you learn Linux you learn everything about physical servers. However organization has moved towards cloud computing. In order to stay updated during technical interviews, you need to posses Cloud server skills as well.

Q: Is this practical oriented training ?

A: Yes, you will be trained actual on server machines and cloud computingon AWS Dashboard.

Q: I am working as Desktop engineer for many years, Should I learn this program ?

A: Yes.