Workshop On PCB and Embedded System

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Schematic capture and simulation tools – A schematic capture program allows the user to draw a document representing the electrical component symbols and the interconnections between them in a graphical way. Before generating a PCB, the symbols are mapped to component footprints and the symbol interconnections are converted to a netlist that specifies the connections between the component footprints in the layout process. A schematic tool that allows the user to do interactive circuit simulation with the same schematic circuit representation used for layout is advantageous. Circuit simulation can be useful for both initial design analysis and testing the design (i.e. verification testing and troubleshooting) once complete.

  • Part1:
    Objective: To understand what are the Importance and what is the knowledge essentials for companies.,PCB Designing and hands-on experience on Drafting, Analysis and Simulation of PCB Board.,Designing and hands-on experience on Microcontrollers.,Combining PCB + Embedded what is the advantages,Part2:
    Objective: To give an awareness about the need companies are requiring this kind of expertise.,Introduction to PCB DESIGNING,Introduction to ORCAD,Difference between other PCB DESIGNING TOOLS,Clearing concepts and differences between different PCB’s,Introduction to Embedded systems,Overview of ARM7,Introduction to ARMLPC2148,Load/Store architecture,GPIO register set,External hardware Interfacing: Multiple LED's
  • 7 segment display
  • LCD
  • DC motor.

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Date: 13 Oct
Time: 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Venue: Andheri Livewire
Speaker Name: Priyanka Shetty Yadav
Fees: Free
Address: B2 3rd Floor Vivina Building , Nadco Shopping Centre Andheri West