Learning python programming is now trend but we being one of the key training institutes in Python (covering python programming to Machine Learning, AI) have found beginners has very little awareness about this coding language. This lack of knowledge affects many from building an awesome career in the field of Software Development or Machine Learning.

This blog will help you identify what one can do with python languages and what are the important frameworks of Python one should learn at fresher level.

Python Django: Django is a free and open-source web framework of Python. This framework is scalable, secure and productive for web developers. Disqus, Instagram, Pinterest are some of the leading sites built in Django. It is also said Nasa has chosen Django to put together some functional elements of their site because it is much more secure. So if you wish to work in core Web development areas, please upgrade to Django framework.

Flask: Flask is a micro web framework written in Python. It is classified as a microframework because it does not require particular tools or libraries. Django is a full-stack framework whereas Flask is a lightweight. User statistics show Django is always preferred over Flask by high traffic websites.

Anaconda- It's not actually framework but free and open source distribution for Data Science and Machine Learning related application. Distribution is something which helps to simplify package management and deployment in coding. Data Scientists who are not actual developers find anaconda useful as it improves many tasks.

IOT- Python being free and open source language it is always preferred by IOT developers. Source code written in Python are compact, which fits well with devices which has less computational power and memory (Raspberry Pi-Majorly used in IoT) Also Python packages like Matplotlib, Mayavi, Numpy, Scipy, pandas are used for IOT Data analytics. So one language fits for all from developing IOT application to analyzing data through IOS devices.

Python becoming the most useful language for developers as well as Data Scientist. Professionals working in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning are found to be an expert in Python programming as well. Language is very easy to understand and can take up to 20days to learn. One can explore more and expert more. It is always recommended to develop the project by own in this framework. This gives a good edge to you over the other candidates.

Cheer up!!